Power Amplifier Modules with Active Cooling

(GRX-F-BiSS, GRX-F-TriSS and GRX-F-SUB Series)

This line of compact plate-mounted power amplifier modules is solidly built for installation on rear panels of active subwoofer/satellite(s) loudspeaker systems and subwoofers. Every module has a custom fan-cooled heatsink behind the plate, a toroidal transformer, and a 1.6mm thick metal plate chassis. These amplifiers are very well suited for powerful compact mobile loudspeaker systems. All modules have advanced thermal design with intelligent fan control to provide extremely quiet operation and efficient heatsink cooling. Custom heatsinks were developed exclusively for this line of amplifiers. Air flow is limited to the heatsink area; no dust goes to the PCB and electronics area. All models share the same input/link balanced XLR connectors, volume control knob, status LEDs (SIGNAL, LIMIT, PROTECT and POWER), and ground lift switch. Subwoofer/satellite(s) amplifiers have pro-grade X-over with a three position X-over switch, and a phase switch for the subwoofer channel. Subwoofer modules have left/right balanced input XLRs and corresponding linked outputs, as well as high-pass balanced output XLRs to connect active satellite speakers. Subwoofer modules have a built-in full-featured stereo X-over with a three position frequency switch and a phase switch; the X-over can be set up as B3 or LR4. All models also have a built-in high quality clip limiter to assist the loudspeaker in providing the highest possible SPL without damaging the amplifier and the speaker components, and to fight user abuse to the loudspeaker. The limiter on the subwoofer/satellite(s) amplifiers can be set for independent or linked operation between channels. All modules are built with the same time-proven topology of efficient linear 2-tier class H circuitry for high performance, enhanced reliability, and high power-to-weight factor. The amplifiers employ very solid construction to fight speaker-born vibrations. Enhanced thermal design and meticulously developed PCB layout provide premium performance and long-term reliability. All modules enjoy many levels of protection, starting with multi-pole SOA-based protection of high current output stage, to triac-based speaker protection, to thermal protection of the output stage and the power transformer, and many others. We employ no output relays, as their contacts would deteriorate due to speaker-born vibrations. Also, to protect the audience and the loudspeakers, a soft sound ramp is employed to control the output level after the amplifier is switched on. Amplifiers can be fully customized to match particular loudspeakers' power, filtering and EQs.

Product specs coming soon.

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