Engineers at Globe Audio Design have developed Power Amplifier Modules for almost any feasible application in pro-sound, sound reinforcement, PA, MI and DJ industries. We use the same core technology for all our lines of products. We are committed to work together with our prospective customers to make sure that our amplifiers perfectly match your loudspeakers. We can either start working with you at concept stage of your active loudspeaker design, or step in when you already have your loudspeakers built and running, to co-develop final product, and to pass it to production quickly. We bring many years of expertise in both power amplifier design and loudspeaker design; such a combination is not easy to find. We could be very helpful in delivering new innovative products to market which demands quality, reliability, fast development cycle, and competitive prices. You will also enjoy the fact that we have created an elaborate and highly effective R&D/Manufacturing network with exclusive Taiwan/China manufacturing agents to provide consistent quality, thorough testing, guaranteed use of specified components, fast turn-around for both development and production, and attractive prices.

We would like to point out some of the unique design concepts in addition to our time-proven technical approach. We take a great deal of care and passion in our designs, making it the best choice for your professional loudspeakers.

Our linear amplifiers employ true "high current" output stage, so they can handle any "difficult" loudspeakers with any music program, making current-hungry subwoofers sounding clear and effortless, and complex multi-way speakers – warm and transparent. Design approach takes into consideration complex nature of "amplifier-loudspeaker" interface. This also brings a merit of extremely high reliability of amplifiers. In fact, you will find more output devices in our Amplifier Modules than in other amplifiers of comparable power ratings.

We are very confident that you will like our amps once you see, test and audition them, and we hope to develop long term relationship with you in the future. Please contact us so we can give you more details on our expertise and products, and to discuss your company’s needs.

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